Beam's Mobile IoT Communication Platform
Configures IoT Data into Mobile Messaging Apps.
Based on Beam's patented
Sub-second latency M2M Connectivity &
Live processing & Filtering of IoT data using AI.

It enables People and Organization to
Manage. Chat. Share. Collaborate. Analyze.
With Custom GPS, Video & IoT Apps.

  • Unified Communication


    Customize Internet of Things with
    Enterprise-grade Mobile Messaging.

  • Public Safety & Smart City


    Broadband Emergency Communication Reduces
    Response Time from Minutes to Seconds.

  • Transporting People & Packages


    Lower Cost. More Rides.
    Safe Trips with Vetted Drivers.

  • Connected Home & Vehicle


    Reduce Time, Remove Costly Steps
    To Stay Connected & Protected.

  • Mobile Resource Management


    Link Mobile Resources & Fleets
    With Customers using GPS & Video

Legacy communication protocols fail to manage the influx of data from multiple sources, and lack a cost effective and smooth migration path to 
Mobile IoT Connectivity.

There is a need to process real-time data for time-sensitive and mission-critical decision making and enhance analytics through data-indexing.

Beam extracts relevant content for a target audience from streams of live IoT data, including GPS and video, resulting in qualified notifications with sub-second-latency and improved big-data information indexing. It integrates with developer-friendly, configurable mobile messaging across iOS, Android and Wins.

Beam provides unequaled situational awareness and mission-critical knowledge sharing for:

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Enhanced analytics
  • Informed decision-making


You need real time information to
complement your historical data.

Beam augments Human Intelligence with
Knowledge extracted from streams of
live IoT data, including GPS and video.

  • Sub-second machine-to-cloud connectivity.
  • End-to-end encryption for private collaboration.
  • Adaptive interaction between human and machines in real time enabling continues learning for Machine Learning & Fuzzy Logic algorithms.
  • decision making in real time.

Enables time-sensitive and mission-critical
decision making in real time.


Customize & Configure

The platform is offered as a
Configurable "Communication as a Service."

  • Offers Key building blocks to create complex IoT and Mobile products.
  • It is platform agnostic and can quickly and easily be deployed.
  • Allows developers to configure apps in days, not months.
  • Enables end customers with a smooth migration from legacy communication services to modern broadband wireless and IoT technology.

Features & Benefits

  • Custom Mobile Messaging
  • Dynamic IoT Content Sharing
  • Qualified Actionable Notification
  • Geo-content Sharing & Search
  • Data Indexing & Target Analytics

Requires minimal investment and limited resource
Build prototypes in days, go to market quickly
Utilize a verified, tested and proven technology

Market & Industry

Beam ecosystem of partners
And diverse use cases.

Broadband for Emergency
Smart Transportation
Enterprise UCC & Agile workforce
IoT Connectivity
Connected Home
Connected Vehicle
Mobile Resources & Fleets